Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daddy's boys at the bath house

It was a Friday night and a hot bottom visiting from out of town wanted to play with me. I'm a bottom so I asked what we could do. He was super hot. I thought we could have some fun and bottom out for each other so I suggested we go to the bath house.

I picked him up and we decided to get a large room to handle the both of us. We stripped down naked except for our boots. Boy, he looked hot in those boots. We started kissing and he started getting hard.

I laid down on the bed and spread my legs for him. He started eating me out and then lubed up my pussy. Then he shoved his cock him. There I was getting fucked by one of the newest big bottoms in the porn business.

He fucked me for awhile before we went on the hunt. The guys were all over us. Guys took turns fucking us bareback for most of the evening. A little later we ran into Daddy #1. Daddy #1 powerfucked our boy-holes hard and opened us up real good. He put on a huge strap on and raped our holes. We were in heaven.

Around 11pm we noticed it was getting more crowded.

Then all of a sudden we turned the corner and here was this Daddy #2 standing there. I made it obvious that I was interested and motioned for my buddy to come back. Since he likes Daddies too I knew he would be interested.

Daddy #2 took us back and powerfucked us. We did what we could to keep Daddy's cock hard so we could have our holes filled. He had a huge uncut cock and knew how to fuck. He fucked us every which way.

Finally, Daddy decided he wanted to cum. I begged for him to cum in my ass. So, he got me on all fours and mounted me from behind and started fucking me. He rode me for about a half hour before he exploded inside me. I thanked Daddy for using my hole and looked over at the other bottom. The other bottom wanted Daddy's cum so bad that he ate out Daddy's cum from my ass. He was a big pig. I could tell he was jealous that I got Daddy's cum and he didn't.

But he was fun and proof that a bottom can have fun with another bottom.

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